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We are a group of women who adores fabric and its creations. In 1984 we established a small company with handmade creations. Our name “panino” in greek means “something made from fabric”, which emphasizing how much we love this material and its possibilities.

We design and produce handmade goods for home like baskets, storage cases, runners but also many accessories such as slippers, cosmetic cases, bags and many many more.

We specialize in baptism and wedding collections for those who looking something different!

Here, you can find our goods, only handmade and exclusively made in Greece. We also seek for a connection with all of you, for talking, sharing ideas and news. It’s our favorite habit!

Have a nice browsing, but please note that we are here to help wherever is needed!

Welcome to panino!

One thought on “about us

  1. Kalimera apo Xania. tha ithela na rotiso na borusate mou kanete to blee thiki gia rola,xarti igias, alla na horai 5-6 rola. Etsi ehume stin finlandia.. ke an borite, poso tha ekane. efkaristo poly ke kali sas mera. ta pragmata sas me thimisune polu tin patrida mou!!

    Johanna Litmo

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